5 Stars*****

“Our wedding photos were so amazing!!! You guys killed it!!! WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! ❤❤ You guys were amazing and SO fun to work with. You made the photo process so easy and fun! This is going to be a hard choice of which ones to enlarge!”

Kim + Niko

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Haven Riviera Cancun Resort Wedding Mexico

What a riot! Kim + Niko’s lovestory started with a riot, but their wedding was a riot of a different kind – choc-a-bloc full of love, laughs, emotion + a lot of surpises! I’m a sucker for a good love story so if you are too, have a read of K+N’s below:

“Nurse Kim and Rugbyplayer Niko met at a local watering hole while hanging out with some of their friends during the early months of Covid. Niko would soon describe the moment they met to some of his closest friends as an angelic gong ringing as light from the heavens fell like a spotlight surrounding Kim. Kim described the moment as a tall and goofy/fun guy sporting short shorts with silly socks and flip flops… a classic look she would soon come to know and love. As the night went on, both Kim and Niko sensed something different and exciting between the two and decided to take a quick walk to discuss their future. As they walked and talked, and shared their first kiss ;)  they happened upon a crowd gathering near Niko’s apartment in East Village. They watched as many in the crowd picked up rocks and tossed them through windows of nearby businesses and government buildings. Peering around the corner, the swat team lined the street. Nikos quick thinking put them on the roof where the two continued to watch the ongoing riot below from safety. As the chaos grew, the two took the opportunity to enjoy their first slow dance. It became quite clear that no matter what was going to happen in the world, their love would always come first.”

The Team:

Wedding Suppliers:⁠
Photography: @dreambellaphotography
Venue: Haven Riviera @havenresorts
Wedding Planner: Marifer/Miguel @michelangelo_cabrera
Decorators: Pistilo @pistilo_florals_rentals
Florist: Haven @valentina.flowershop
Hair + Makeup: Haven Spa
DJ, lighting Riviera Maya @contacto.happenings
Videographers: @frame_wedding_film

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