Super Fit Kate & Zac with their Fur Babies // Gardners Falls Maleny

What an incredibly relaxed and fun photoshoot Mike and I had with this awesome pair and their adorable and surprisingly placid fur babies!  While beautiful and bubbly Kate aka Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor (coming 2nd & 3rd by the way!!!) is a little more familiar being in the spotlight, gorgeous and gentle Zac didn’t think he’d be so keen, but wow did he warm up super fast! And with such a natural chemistry between them it was too easy.  After rescheduling a couple of times because of those torrential storms we had here in Queensland a couple of months ago, boy are we glad we waited.  On this particular day we took a trip to the stunning Gardners Falls Maleny and the sun couldn’t have shone anymore beautifully.  With cool vibrant sunflare shining through the lush greenery at the Falls and then the warmest light imaginable up at the beautiful old cow farm, combined with an awesomely fun couple and their sweet fur babies who were so well behaved – I was, let’s just say ‘happy as Larry’ 🙂 Couldn’t wait for the wedding!!


Amanda + Mike