5*****My wife and I had been in search of a great photographer for our maternity photoshoot. We picked Rivera Maya as our destination. My wife is extremely photogenic. Me, not so much. However, we both enjoy being photographed for special occasions. On our previous vacation to Playa del Carmen we met Amanda and Mike while playing beach volleyball. Instantly, we felt a strong chemistry with them. They are such a humble and genuine couple that it is hard not to be attracted to them. I saw the quality of work they produced and right then I knew we had to be photographed by them. Knowing them at a personal level allowed my wife and I to be extremely comfortable, something we had not felt with other photographers.

It is my experience and opinion that the best photos are those that show the authenticity and feelings of a person. Amanda and Mike gave my wife and I the comfort to enjoy ourselves while being photographed. That in return allowed them to capture some emotional moments. Our maternity photoshoot was a success because of their professionalism and transparency throughout the photoshoot. After being photographed by different individuals in Mexico and the U.S., I can say that THEIR QUALITY OF WORK IS SECOND TO NONE. Our yearly vacations to Rivera Maya have gotten much better knowing we have great friends in Mike and Amanda that are willing to go above and beyond to capture the most exceptional photos during our stay.” 

Israel + Angela Delgado