Ebony & Clay’s Retro Engagement // Ricks Garage

Could we have had anymore fun on this photoshoot … nope :)))  When Ebony & Clay said they were right into retro and old cars, I squeeled with excitement and said I’d always wanted to get some cute retro shots at Ricks Garage, what did they think?  So when Clay said he actually proposed to Ebony there I couldn’t believe the coincidence, we knew we had to go there for sure!!!  When I rocked up on the day and saw their outfits I was so excited, that retro theme suited them to a tee and even though Clay normally hated photos and was convinced he’d be super awkward, it only took him about 5 minutes to get right into it and have a blast lol  It’s always those shy ones who come up with their own moves ;)  Thank you so much E&C for providing us with an awesome afternoon of fun, laughter & entertainment – you guys rocked it!!

We felt so privileged + excited to see this spunky engagement shoot + love story featured on POLKA DOT BRIDE magazine:  direct link below:



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