5***** “We are SO IN-LOVE WITH OUR WEDDING PICS ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you again! All our friends/ family have been OBSESSING over our wedding photos so much! My sister in law was so devastated you guys will be overseas for her wedding! Every time I go through our photos I feel SO HAPPY about how the day went. So glad I left you & Mike in charge of our wedding photography! The VIBE and STYLE and EVERYTHING about the photos were AMAZING! JUST WHAT WE WANTED 😄” // “Regarding our wedding album, we just went through it and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! You’re so very clever hehehe! Cannot believe how amazing they all look displayed together in an album, such special memories and you have made them look even more special! You did an AMAZING JOB!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Brooke & Levi”